Ultrasound cardiogram Analysis

A cardiac ejection fraction (EF) is a measurement that quantifies how much blood is emptied from the left ventricle during each contraction [1]. The EF of the heart can be impacted by heart failure and therefore be clinically significant. Left ventricle is the primary pumping chamber of the heart, and so this is the place where cardiovascular EF is measured. For blood distribution to the rest of the body, oxygenated blood is thrust upward into the body's primary artery (aorta) by the left chamber [2].

In this study, we use deep learning model for LV segmentation and ejection fraction estimation.

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Brain Wave Analysis

Essential vital sign Analysis

In order to protect public health and safety, this project is concerning the development a specialized device to detect the sleepiness of drivers during highway operation. Although electroencephalography (EEG) has been widely used for assessing sleepiness, the relationship of various sleepiness has not yet been clarified. Hence, to enhance the analysis of EEG signals in drivers, the best algorithm of the signal processing, intelligent analysis and feature extraction of these massive data will be carried out by this project in order to determine the degree of sleepiness (DOS) of drivers [58-63]. More importantly, the different stimuli into drivers, such as sound, light, ampere, etc., will be investigated in this project in order to draw drivers' attention back to wheel again.

In this study, we use aperiodic algorithm、95%SEF, and complexity theory to analyses EEG signals and distinguish the drowsy state of normal adult. Also, we built the intelligent conscious identify system to distinguish the conscious levels. Our system has been tested and obtained the error below 6.4%.

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Electrode Positions

The EEG electrode positions on the scalp are shown in the following figure.


Awake State

One volunteer is in the awake state as shown in the following figure.